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I’m Katie, a communications & marketing specialist and ops coordinator, obsessed with problem solving and efficiency, and I’m here to help.

See, I’ve been through my fair share of challenges, and while always looking to find or create solutions, I racked up an extensive set of skills I now want to use to support others.

Maybe someone just like You.

Are you a business owner? A leader? An entrepreneur? Could do with some extra help?

Or are you a university student trying to figure out what to make of the industry and what’s next?

Great, get in touch and let’s chat.



Get to know me a little

– and ask any questions afterwards

I was born and raised in Hungary, a landlocked country located in East-Central Europe. I’ve traveled quite a lot, seen many wonderful places and experienced different cultures, but eventually I’ve always found the way home.
I’m a happy, coffee addict, plantaholic, dogmum millennial, who just casually exists and loves her life while aiming to get the most out of it – you know, trying to make the world a better place between avocado toasts and propagating new plants.
And I also happen to be a communication expert – at least that’s what my degree says, I prefer to call myself a problem solver.

Because, at the end of the day, that’s what I do – I help turning problems into solutions.

That’s what I’ve been doing all along, ever since I entered the market and landed my first full time job at a community radio. Then when I decided to switch to business communications and worked on a change management team. Then when I managed the marketing activities of KSB Hungary, and also when I formed my own team of freelancers to support entrepreneurs on our own terms. Even volunteering and fundraising – essentially, wherever I saw a problem, I just had to help solve it.

And I kept doing so when I moved to the UK for a few amazing years as well – after a short time with Gravity Global, I landed at Quickfire Digital, a multi award winning Shopify specialist ecommerce agency, where I’ve been thriving happily since 2021.

Let me go into a little more detail here – see, to me, Quickfire Digital has been the real deal, the No1 Favourite Team, and they’re not just awesome colleagues, also great friends, so no wonder they remain an absolute priority of mine.

Martin Harper and Nathan Lomax (two of Quickfire's co-founders, my line managers, my friends and my rocks) kindly sent a message to You, as to what's it like to work with me:

Martin Harper

Co-Founder of Quickfire Digital

“Having worked with Katie for nearly 2 years I can honestly say it’s been amazing. She has been essential to me and the operations within our business. Always direct and straightforward in her dealings with the team whilst trying to making sure we are operating as efficiently as possible. Together we overhauled the resource planning of the business and implemented an entirely new system to keep track of the upcoming work. And if the business operations weren’t enough, there was another string in her bow when it came to marketing strategy. Katie kindly put herself forward to consult with multiple external teams to ensure our marketing was delivered to the highest standard. It’s always a pleasure to work with her.”

Nathan Lomax

Co-Founder of Quickfire Digital

“Working with Katie has been a breath of fresh air. Committed, organised and always pushing for more she’s helped us significantly scale our marketing efforts while keeping everyone to account. Full of ideas, prepared to pull you up when being unrealistic and always committed to keeping projects to time and budget. She’s a huge asset to our team and we are lucky to be working with her.”

Strategy, implementation, consultancy

– when it comes to communications, marketing, and ops / resource planning, you can count on me. We’ll figure it out.

Do I sound like someone you’d like to talk to?
Reach out, we’ll get a call in the diary.



Direct, straightforward, efficient

– just how I like collaborations

Strategy & Consultancy

I offer a flexible arrangement of collaboration to achieve clearly defined goals


I offer training sessions and 1on1 consulting sessions to support your employees in their challenges

Social Media

I offer consultancy, strategy, content creation and management services (all strictly organic, unfortunately I’m no campaign manager ninja)

Graphic Design

I offer to be your matchmaker and connect you to my trusted designer friends I’ve been working with for years (sometimes without one single amend request!)

Website Development

I offer to be your matchmaker and connect you to my trusted developer friends I’ve been working with for years


I offer in person, extensive training sessions, with the opportunity to not just listen to all the good stuff, but to give it a go and practice together

Note – I don’t have too many „rinse and repeat” processes in place, as I find tailored services fit best. So in case you’re interested in any kind of collaboration, please do get in touch, first step is a quick discovery call free of charge, then we’ll see what’s next – you’ll likely then get a quote, or a referral to other experts, depending on what you need.



Hands on, helpful, affordable

– just how you need collaborations

Strategy & Consultancy

I offer a flexible arrangement of collaboration to achieve clearly defined goals


I offer training sessions and 1on1 consulting sessions to support you in your challenges

Social Media

I offer consultancy, strategy, and a framework for you to be able to manage your content creation without a glitch



The best advice I got when I started out: have a business buddy.

One who knows. One who’s „been there, done that.” There’s a chance I can be that for you. I’m a freelancer, not a company, so if you were after an internship or apprenticeship, sorry, I can’t offer those sorts of things.

But – if you’re a young professional currently getting through uni, feel a little lost, a little unsure, want to know more of the industry and would like to just talk to someone who’s been through nonprofit, forprofit, SMEs, global companies, startups and freelancing as well, here’s your invite!

Get in touch and I’ll be happy to support you sharing my experiences, stories, impressions, and as much insight as best practice and NDAs allow.

(And who knows, maybe I can also help you get in touch with someone who can offer you an opportunity.)



Some amazing people I got lucky enough to work with, kindly left me recommendations – you can check these out on my LinkedIn profile here, and I also selected a few to showcase here:

James Cochrane-Dyet

Co-founder & CEO at Popp AI 🥷 (Techstars '23)

“I worked over several months with Katie in a joint thought leadership and webinar project with Quickfire Digital. Katie is a relentless project manager who consistently drove progress against the project objectives and managed effective cross-team collaboration effortlessly. She is a shrewd marketing operator, and is able to spot and capitalise on marketing opportunities instinctively, and with close attention to UX. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Katie again and highly recommend doing so.”

Rose Steward

Events & Partnerships Manager at Quickfire Digital | Co-Founder of GEN-E - Networking for Young Professionals

“I have worked with Katie for just over a year and continue to be impressed with her focus and attention to detail on tasks. She has exceptional project management skills and is always on hand to help out during busy periods. We have recently started working more closely together on marketing and her knowledge has been a massive help through a really busy period of events.”

Ellie Perkins

Crisp copy. Snappy content. Growing communities for LGBTQIA+, women & ND owned businesses.

“Katie is a superstar to work with. She’s organised and efficient (to a T). She doesn’t shy away from telling you what you need to hear. And, when it comes to keeping track of ideas, goals, projects, communication, etc., she’s unmatched.

I work with Katie on brand socials, and she provides everything I need *before* I need it. She’s able to juggle tasks seamlessly – without dropping the ball. Collaborating with Katie is a breeze. No chasing, no miscommunication, and nothing left half-finished. So, I’d recommend her to everyone.

(Oh, and she’s super duper lovely. A win-win.)”



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